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An initial 10-minute phone consultation is free of charge. At that time, I will discuss my fee scale.

First session is 2 hours; remaining sessions are 75 minutes. (See Q&A)

SPECIALTIES include, but are not limited to:
The Evidence Technique (original method – activates the Law of Attraction)
Auditions/performance anxiety and performance prep
Private acting coach
Writer’s block
Enhancing creativity
Fear of public speaking
Fears & phobias (flying/driving/social settings)
Smoking cessation – 3 sessions
Addiction Recovery Support
Building self-acceptance
Overcoming rejection
Substance abuse
Desensitization to a bad boss
Pre-surgery preparation
Overall Confidence
Issues of Success/Failure/Sabotage
Therapeutic Imagery
NLP Practitioner; Neuro Linguistic Programming
EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique (“Energy Psychology”)
Life coach/Career consultant
Ordained Minister: Universal Life Church (marriage ceremonies)

(NOTE: There are over 140 uses for hypnosis.)

I am available to come to your home, office or studio set within a 40-mile radius of Studio City.  In rare cases, I have flown out of town to meet clients; and have also driven to Santa Barbara – hourly rates apply to travel.

Phone sessions are very effective and available whether you are in another state or here in Los Angeles.

“Dear Carrie,
I kept the letter that you sent me in Feb. of 2006. I had it with me backstage at every theater where we played the "Two and Only", including Broadway. If you remember, in the letter you predicted my show would get a Tony Nomination and on May 15 (last week) that came true. The show was up for "Best Theatrical Event. As if that wasn't enough, you sent me an e-mail on the day of the Tony Awards saying: "Text me when you win"...and I did. I won. You're are spooky”.

Jay Johnson
Winner of the 2007 Tony Award for Best Theatrical Event

Over the years, I have developed credibility via strong intuitive skills that are interrelated with my own sense of spirituality. During our 75-minute intuitive/spiritual consulting session, we will talk…As we talk about YOUR life; I begin to get intuitive/spiritual and energetic “hits”. These hits will often occur during a regular hypnotherapy session, however that dynamic is not the focus of hypnotherapy. I DO NOT read Tarot Cards, or announce myself as a “psychic”. The intuitive information comes entirely through our open communication. Via that process I either channel information or access your “energy” field. As mentioned above, there is no guessing game. The information and guidance I offer is strictly through talking.

Good Evidence (Based on my e-book: Good Evidence and Positive Noticing: Beyond the Law of Attraction

This is ideal for groups.  It introduces a fresh, upbeat, simple method for reprogramming the brain – it stimulates The Law of Attraction

Email: Appointments / Messages: 818.753.3356